Another Travel Dream Comes True!

20 Jul

[A story, and another self-promoting post. Thank you for indulging me!]

While at a networking function last year, my friend Wendy Sipple – who happens to be the COO and Publisher of  Style Media Group, a Folsom (California) publishing company – asked me where my next travel adventure would take me. I told her I was going to New Zealand in early 2013.

And then I boldly asked if SMG’s other publication, Style Magazine, might be interested in having me write an article about my trip.

“Let me present the idea to the committee,” Wendy said.

A few months later I received a follow-up email from Megan Wiskus, Managing Editor of Style, asking if I was still interested in writing a travel article for their July 2013 issue.

“Absolutely!” I said. “And I would be happy to provide my own photos as well.”

So the assignment was made, a contract was signed, and the smile on my face was HUGE!

And from February 5th through March 7th I explored New Zealand. I journaled. I took thousands of photos – literally!

And a few months after I returned I wrote the article: 1600 words, covering 30 days. (That’s an average of 53 words per day, or 134 words per city.) THAT was the toughest part of this assignment.

But I did it, and submitted the article – and 20 photos – ten days before deadline.

A few weeks later Megan sent me another email saying, “We’d love to put more of your beautiful photos on our website. Would it be possible to have you send me a handful more?”

And after I SQUEALED with delight, I very calmly emailed my response: “Yes!”

If you want to read the article online and see “a handful more” of the photos, here’s the link.

Images by RJM


If you live in the Roseville / Granite Bay / Folsom / El Dorado Hills areas and would like to get your hands on the print version of “The Land of Plenty; Navigating New Zealand,” described as “[an] inspiring read and visual feast journaling a local’s trek around the magnificent island country,” go to and click on “Get Your Copy” to find out where it’s available.

I hope you’ll be inspired to fulfill your own travel dreams.

And thanks for allowing me to publicly celebrate mine!



2 Responses to “Another Travel Dream Comes True!”

  1. Ted Hess July 22, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    With your writing style, you deserve to be published. Congratulations.

  2. Jeri July 22, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Thank you, Ted!

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